Whole body Electric Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS) is a time efficient and very effective addition to personal training.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS)

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Whole body Electric Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS) is a time efficient and very effective addition to personal training and Nutrition coaching.

Traditionally, resistance training with progressive overload using weight to encourage Hypertrophy is the method used by Personal Trainers and elite and non-elite athletes to encourage building of muscle and protection bone mass. This method is very effective; however, it takes time, strength, skill and dedication to see results and they are rarely fast. EMS builds muscle without lifting weights.

If fat loss is a goal then a calorie deficit is required, which makes building muscle much more difficult and requires monumental dedication. WB-EMS can combat this by recruiting 90% of muscle. This means that the elusive fast twitch muscle fibres and difficult to activate muscles are utilised which facilitates muscle growth, strength, and power. The increased muscle in turn increases metabolic rate and encourages fat loss.

Muscle building is not only in the realm of body builders and athletes and it is essential for most people, particularly Postpartum, peri and post-menopausal women and the ageing population. Muscle loss (sarcopenia) and bone loss (osteopenia) are common. Hormonal changes and low protein diets are common in these groups which accounts for a high proportion of the muscle and bone loss.

EMS has been used for many years in Physiotherapy, Rehab and Clinical situations and has recently made its way into Elite sport for performance enhancement. Its application in Fat loss and muscle building in the general population is becoming more widespread and it is particularly popular in Germany, Eastern Europe, Spain, US, and Australia.

Low frequency Electrical Impulses allow much higher recruitment of muscles and motor units than can be achieved in the Gym. This higher recruitment leads to more effective muscle development alongside increased metabolism, circulation, Fat burning, increased strength and power. The deeper muscle stimulus is also therapeutic for lower back pain, generalised muscle pain, joint and ligament pain and pelvic floor strengthening.

EMS is a safe and well understood treatment and multiple good quality studies in Sports, Injury rehab, and specialist populations are available. Of particular interest is the data available on effects on sarcopenia (muscle loss) and osteopenia (bone loss) in females, especially post-partum and peri and post menopause and elderly and sedentary populations
VOLO Transform Yourself

VOLO Transform Yourself
VOLO Transform Yourself

Time Efficient

1x20 Minutes session = 3x60-90 Minutes gym

VOLO Transform Yourself

Fat Loss

Speeds up fat loss in conjunction with Nutrition coaching

VOLO Transform Yourself

Calorie Burn

Burn 1.5X more calories during your workout & 3x more after.

VOLO Transform Yourself

Muscle Building

Recruits 90% of Muscles compared to the standard 40%

VOLO Transform Yourself

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